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The file you have received from the shop is a packed zip file. It contains numerous files in different formats for the many different sewing machines on the market.

The most common mistake when transferring the embroidery file to the sewing machine is that the zip file has not been unzipped before transferring it to the embroidery machine.

Unpacking the zip file is easy:

In Windows, use the file explorer to view the zip file you have downloaded.
Click with one of the right mouse buttons on the context menu and select “extract all” and confirm the path where the zip-file should be saved.

Now a new file folder will be created where you can find your actual embroidery files. Open this file folder or transfer it completely to the USB stick of your sewing machine.

If you have problems with the files of Elvesideas, don’t hesitate to write us. We will gladly help you.

Sometimes it is necessary to open an embroidery file on the computer. There are different software with which you can do this.

Unfortunately not every program can open every file.